Cartoonist, illustrator, artist living in Takoma Park, MD, just outside of Washington, D.C.

Artistic Mission: Draw forever !

Current Studio Occupation: Graphic novel for publication.

Interests: Comic books, contemporary art, philosophy.

Practice: Comics. Drawing in ballpoint pen. Generating thousands of index card drawings, animation, video art.

Exhibited with the following galleries:
transformer, Flashpoint Gallery, The Fridge, Hillyer Art Space, International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), Pleasant Plains Workshop, Rhizome DC, School 33, Washington Project for the Arts (WPA).

Professional Experience: Worked as a fine arts administrator (office manager, membership director, events support, public outreach) for over 8 years; helped organize tens of innovative art exhibitions, nontraditional programs, and film screenings for nonprofit organizations such as Washington Project for the Arts and Provisions Learning Project.

Education: BA, Maryland Institute College of Art, 2004.

Continuing Education (workshops): Center for Cartooning Studies, White River Junction, VT. Sequential Art Workshop, Gainesville, FL



In its purest form, cartooning is a medium for simple, intellectual storytelling. I approach my cartooning as a visionary agent, skating the edges of contemporary art, illustration, outsider art, and underground comics art.

Through my drawing process, I can play out the various symbolisms and mutabilities of historical imperialism and the class system. The images I complete are a mix of preconceived ideas and stream-of-conscious drawing; I want the drawings to pose conceptual riddles about the structure of society.

My dramatic use of color and uniquely-crafted, icy ridiculousness are present to help viewers ask themselves about the way we humans organize ourselves into societies. Something about a beautiful drawing made with a cheap ballpoint pen allows viewers to elevate themselves over my art, to tell themselves a story about whatever concept in the drawing pops out most to them.

In exhibiting my work, I prefer to show in nontraditional and unexpected locations, even online. My criteria for being a cartoonist are fairly unlimited, and mostly tactical because I treat cartooning as an invention of mass media. Photography, animation, nonprofit gallery shows, commercial settings, online exhibitions, live cartooning and curatorial efforts are just some of the ways I've found to present my work to the public.


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-You desire to commission a drawing or need an illustration for your publication.

-You are an artist in the DC area and wish to collaborate or arrange for a studio visit.

-You are an arts administrator needing consultation or need an events manager.

a [[at]] adamgriffiths.ink