Multimedia endeavors, and a few paintings.

Tween lapel pins, ballpoint pen with digital coloring pin designs, 2011.
Ellie Smurfnick (dark hearts at her feat), gouache on panel, 2012.

The Final Girl, Multimedia exhibition + video art rental store curated by Adam (Dwight) Griffiths at Washington Project for the Arts, 2011.

Review by Mark Jenkins, Washington Post

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Photos by Victoria Gaitan, Painting by Felipe Goncalves, Video store selections include Luke Wyatt, Shalo P.

Sculpture by Mark Behme, Performance by Jonathan Lee, Guitar by Mark Behme played by Kenn Moss.
Photography by Marissa Long, Terrarium sculpture by Linda Hesh.
Lobby card by Andrew Wodzianski.
Gouache paintings by Bonner Sale.
Blood, Boobs & Beast Documentary Screening with John Kinhart.
Video Lounge selection by Gregg Biermann.
Takoma Park Community Center Arts and Humanities Commission, Atrium Gallery Curator, 2010-2011.
Miniature works installed by Corwin Levi.
Supreme Court Live Cartooning, Proposition 8, 2013.

Off in a Corner, Two-person exhibition with Dana Jeri Maier about drinking and adulthood at Flashpoint Gallery, 2011.

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Candace Lightner visits "Off in a Corner"
Exercises 7: Tetrad, curated by Page Carr, transformer gallery, 2011.

Antimajesty, 6:21 min., animation.
New growth, gouache on paper.
KING ME: Studies in the Uncivilized World, Multimedia exhibition curated by Adam Griffiths at The Fridge, DC, 2012.

Multimedia sculpture by Seleshi Feseha.
Artist Stan Squirewell with his digital collage.
Artist Rebecca Katz with her wall stencil.
Artist Hermonie Only.
Drawing by Lisa Parker Hyatt.
Ladybird Johnson painting by Laura Elkins.
Prints by Norman Strike, painting by Hannah Naomi Kim.
"To What Strange Place" Listening session with Ian Nagoski, music ethnographer.
#Hubble25 Live Cartooning at NASA, @grifftones on Instagram, @adamdwight on Twitter, 2015.

#handmadeinavideostore Instagram photo series, @grifftones on Instagram, 2015.


Poyznyn' His Pig (Hole in the nose), Gouache on panel, 2011.

#100doors 2009-2015 photo series, @grifftones on Instagram, 2015.